Capitan Morgan Tiki


Capitan Morgan Tiki 70cl x 25%

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Captain Morgan Tiki Rum is a delightful and tropical twist on the classic Captain Morgan rum. Inspired by the colorful and lively Tiki culture, this limited edition release combines the smoothness of Caribbean rum with a burst of vibrant fruit flavors. With each sip, you’ll be transported to a sun-soaked island paradise.

This Tiki-infused rum features a carefully crafted blend of tropical fruits, such as juicy pineapple, tangy mango, and zesty citrus. The result is a refreshing and invigorating flavor profile that perfectly captures the essence of a tropical getaway. The rum’s natural sweetness is enhanced by the fruity notes, creating a harmonious and balanced taste experience.

Whether enjoyed on its own over ice or used as the base for creative Tiki cocktails, Captain Morgan Tiki Rum is sure to enliven any gathering or celebration. Its exotic flavors and smooth character make it a fantastic choice for those seeking a taste of the tropics in their glass. Cheers to a voyage of flavor and adventure with Captain Morgan Tiki Rum!


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