Discover the epitome of seamless logistics solutions through our trusted partners in Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

At Hobuch, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services by collaborating with two highly efficient logistics companies. Their expertise and dedication ensure that your logistical needs are met with precision and effectiveness.
With strategic hubs in Luxembourg and the Netherlands, our partner companies have established themselves as industry leaders. Their state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technologies, and experienced teams guarantee streamlined operations and reliable delivery of your goods

Ziegler Group – Luxembourg

With over a century of industry expertise, Ziegler Group has established itself as a global powerhouse in logistics and transportation. Our mission is to deliver personalized and efficient solutions that drive our clients’ success in an increasingly demanding marketplace.At the core of our approach lie three fundamental pillars: quality, innovation, and commitment.
Collaborating with Ziegler Group means having a trusted partner who understands the unique challenges and opportunities of our industry. Their expertise serves as a catalyst for our growth and enables us to deliver exceptional value to our customers, while consistently exceeding their expectations.

335 ZAE Wolser “G”
3434 Dudelange – Luxembourg

LIS Logistical international.– Netherlands

With a proven track record spanning years, LIS Logistical International has amassed a wealth of experience in delivering efficient and reliable logistics services. As a customer-focused organization, they understand the importance of tailored solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each client.

LIS Logistical International prides itself on its ability to navigate the complexities of international logistics with ease. Their expert team possesses an in-depth understanding of global trade regulations, customs procedures, and transportation networks, ensuring smooth operations and timely delivery of goods across borders.

L.I.S Logistics
Spaceshuttle 9 – 11 3824ML
Amersfoort – Netherlands

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