Havana Tributo


Havana Tributo 70cl x 40%

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Havana Tributo is an exceptional and limited-edition rum created by Havana Club, known for its dedication to producing high-quality Cuban rums. It is a tribute to the artistry and expertise of the master blenders and represents the pinnacle of their craft.

Each release of Havana Tributo is carefully crafted to celebrate a specific anniversary or milestone for Havana Club, making it a highly sought-after and collectible rum. The blend is meticulously curated from a selection of the finest aged rums in the Havana Club reserves, chosen for their exceptional quality and complexity.

The aging process for Havana Tributo is an art form in itself. The rums are aged in carefully selected oak barrels, allowing them to develop deep and rich flavors over time. The exact aging period may vary with each release, but it typically involves a significant number of years to achieve the desired level of maturity.


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