Trois Rivieres Rhum Ambré Agricole


Trois rivieres Rhum ambré 70cl x 40%

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The Trois Rivières Rhum Ambré Agricole is a magnificent expression of the art of agricole rum production. With its rich amber hue, it exudes warmth and character, inviting you to explore its captivating aromas and flavors.

As the rum is poured into the glass, the light dances through its amber depths, reflecting the heritage and expertise that went into crafting this exquisite spirit. The first inhalation reveals a bouquet of enticing scents. Notes of caramelized sugar and toasted oak waft through the air, accompanied by a subtle hint of vanilla that adds a touch of sweetness.

Upon taking the first sip, you are greeted by a harmonious fusion of flavors that dance upon your tongue. The initial taste is one of smoothness, carrying with it the essence of the sugarcane from which it was crafted. This distinct characteristic is the hallmark of agricole rum, as it is produced from the fresh juice of sugarcane, lending a unique and vibrant profile to the spirit.


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