Havana White 3 Year Old 300cl


Havana Rhum white 300cl x 40%

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Havana White 3-Year-Old Rum is a captivating spirit that embodies the rich heritage and mastery of Cuban rum-making. This exceptional rum is crafted with precision and aged for three years to achieve its remarkable depth and complexity.

In appearance, Havana White 3-Year-Old Rum is crystal clear, radiating a brilliance that hints at the purity and craftsmanship within. As you pour it into a glass, it cascades smoothly, leaving delicate trails that showcase its impeccable viscosity.

The aroma of this rum is a symphony of enticing notes that instantly captivate your senses. The initial burst of sweet sugarcane dances gracefully with hints of tropical fruits, such as ripe bananas and juicy pineapples. As the bouquet develops, subtle undertones of vanilla and caramel emerge, adding a luscious and inviting dimension to the overall olfactory experience.


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