Ballentine’s 150cl


Ballantine’s 150cl x 40%

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Ballantine’s is a well-known blended Scotch whisky brand that has been produced since 1827. Ballantine’s 100cl is a larger, 1-liter bottle size of the whisky.

Ballantine’s blended Scotch whisky is made using a blend of malt and grain whiskies that are aged for at least 3 years, with some of the malt whiskies aged for up to 40 years. The resulting whisky is known for its smooth and mellow taste, with a balanced blend of sweet and smoky flavors.

On the nose, Ballantine’s offers a rich and complex aroma, with notes of honey, vanilla, and caramel, as well as a hint of smoke and spice. As you take a sip, you’ll experience a smooth and creamy texture, with a range of flavors that develop on the palate.


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