Jim Beam Delvis Cut 70cl


Jim Beam Devil’s Cut 70CL x 45,0%

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Jim Beam Devil’s Cut is a unique bourbon whiskey that has been carefully crafted to create a bold and intense flavor profile. What sets this whiskey apart is the process by which it is made – it involves extracting the “devil’s cut” of the whiskey from the barrels in which it is aged.
During the aging process, some of the whiskey is absorbed into the oak barrels and becomes trapped there. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut takes advantage of this by extracting this trapped whiskey from the barrels, resulting in a more concentrated, intense flavor.
The composition of Jim Beam Devil’s Cut is made from a blend of six-year-old bourbon whiskies, which are then subjected to the “devil’s cut” process to create the unique flavor. The resulting whiskey is a rich and complex bourbon with a deep amber color and a bold flavor profile.


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