Porter’s Tropical Old Tom


Porter’s Tropical old Tom 70cl x 40%

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Porter’s Tropical Old Tom Gin is a tantalizing and exotic expression that transports you to sun-soaked tropical shores. Crafted with passion and precision in Aberdeen, Scotland, it combines the classic Old Tom style with a vibrant fusion of tropical botanicals.

This gin is a delightful marriage of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary flavors. It starts with a base of juniper, coriander, and angelica, which form the backbone of the gin, providing a classic and familiar foundation. What sets Porter’s Tropical Old Tom Gin apart is the infusion of luscious tropical fruits and botanicals.

The essence of juicy pineapple, succulent mango, and zesty passion fruit infuses the gin, infusing it with a burst of tropical flavors. These vibrant fruits are balanced by delicate notes of hibiscus flowers and fragrant citrus, adding complexity and a touch of floral sweetness.


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