Havana Anejo especial


Havana Anejo especial 70cl x 40%

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Havana Añejo Especial is a premium rum originating from Cuba. It falls under the category of golden or aged rum. This rum stands out for its aging process and its balance between smoothness and flavor.

Havana Añejo Especial is crafted from a blend of rums aged for a period of time in oak barrels. The average age of the rums used may vary, but typically ranges between 5 and 7 years of aging. This aging process imparts a smoother and more complex flavor profile to the rum compared to younger rums.

The flavor profile of Havana Añejo Especial is characterized by warm and woody notes, with hints of vanilla, caramel, and subtle spices. It is a well-balanced rum with a moderate sweetness and a smooth mouthfeel.


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