Godet 1988


Godet 1988 70cl x 40%

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Godet 1988 Cognac is a remarkable expression that showcases the mastery of the Godet family in crafting exceptional cognacs. Distilled in the prestigious Cognac region of France, this vintage cognac captures the essence of time and tradition.

In the glass, Godet 1988 exhibits a deep amber color, shimmering with golden hues. The aroma is a delightful bouquet of dried fruits, rich caramel, and subtle floral undertones. As the velvety liquid caresses the palate, a symphony of flavors unfolds. Layers of ripe figs, toffee, and toasted oak dance harmoniously, accompanied by hints of vanilla and spices, creating a truly luxurious tasting experience.

What sets Godet 1988 apart is its extensive aging process in oak barrels. Over the years, the cognac has absorbed the flavors and aromas from the wood, developing a remarkable depth and complexity. Each sip reveals new facets of flavor, with a smooth and velvety texture that delights the senses.


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