Buss N. 509 Rebel Cut


Buss 509 Rebel Cut 70cl x 47%

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Buss N.509 Rebel Cut features a carefully selected combination of botanicals, which may include classic ingredients like juniper along with unconventional and exotic botanicals. The precise botanical blend contributes to the gin’s rebellious nature, infusing it with unique flavors and aromas that defy convention.

With its rebellious spirit, Buss N.509 Rebel Cut gin is perfect for those who seek something different and enjoy exploring new and exciting flavors. It can be savored neat or used as the foundation for inventive and daring cocktail creations.

Crafted by Buss Spirits, a renowned Belgian distillery known for their passion for innovation, Buss N.509 Rebel Cut is an invitation to embrace the unexpected and experience gin in a new light. Let your taste buds embark on a rebellious journey with this extraordinary gin.


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