Beefeater Pink


Beefeater Pink 70cl x 40%

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Beefeater Pink is a vibrant and modern expression of the classic London dry gin. With its captivating pink hue and refreshing flavor profile, it adds a contemporary twist to the traditional gin experience.

Infused with natural strawberry flavors, Beefeater Pink offers a delightful burst of fruity sweetness that perfectly balances the botanical backbone of the gin. The strawberries lend a luscious and aromatic quality to the spirit, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that is both refreshing and indulgent.

On the palate, Beefeater Pink delivers a smooth and crisp taste, with the bright notes of strawberries dancing alongside the juniper and citrus elements. It offers a playful and versatile character, making it a fantastic base for a variety of cocktails or simply enjoyed with your favorite mixer.


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