The Busker single grain 5cl


The Busker single grain 5cl x 44,3%

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The Busker Single Grain Whiskey is a remarkable expression that showcases the artistry and innovation of Irish whiskey-making. Distilled from a single grain, this whiskey offers a unique and distinct flavor profile that sets it apart.

Upon pouring a glass of The Busker Single Grain, one is greeted by a gentle and inviting aroma. The nose is filled with delicate notes of vanilla, honey, and a touch of citrus, creating a refreshing and harmonious bouquet.

With the first sip, the whiskey reveals its true character. The smooth and velvety texture glides effortlessly across the palate, allowing the flavors to unfold. The Busker Single Grain delights with a fusion of sweet and spicy notes. Caramel and toffee dance with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, creating a symphony of flavors that is both complex and balanced.


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