Mintis Amarena


Mintis amarena 70cl x 41,8%

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Mintis Gin Amarena is a delightful gin that brings together the freshness of mint and the sweetness of amarena cherries. Crafted with precision and care, this gin offers a unique and refreshing twist on the classic gin profile.

At the heart of Mintis Gin Amarena lies a carefully selected blend of botanicals, with a focus on mint and amarena cherries. The mint brings a cool and invigorating note, while the amarena cherries provide a luscious sweetness and a hint of tartness.

Upon tasting, Mintis Gin Amarena offers a burst of vibrant flavors. The mint immediately awakens the senses, creating a refreshing and cooling sensation. As the flavors develop, the richness of the amarena cherries unfolds, offering a deliciously fruity and slightly tangy sweetness.


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