Laphroaig Select GBX


Laphroaig select 70cl x 40%

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Laphroaig Select is a captivating and distinct single malt Scotch whisky that showcases the signature peaty and smoky character for which Laphroaig is renowned. This expression is a carefully curated blend of different cask types, resulting in a multi-dimensional and layered whisky that captures the essence of Islay’s rugged and maritime environment.

The nose of Laphroaig Select is an invitation to the smoky depths of Islay. As you approach the glass, the unmistakable scent of peat smoke fills the air, reminiscent of bonfires on a windswept beach. Alongside the smokiness, you’ll discover notes of brine, seaweed, and hints of citrus, adding a touch of freshness and complexity.

Upon tasting, Laphroaig Select reveals its robust and flavorful nature. The palate is greeted with a bold and assertive smokiness that coats the tongue, accompanied by a subtle sweetness that balances the intensity. Layers of rich earthiness, iodine, and salted caramel unfold, creating a sensory experience that captures the essence of Islay’s rugged terroir.


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