Johnnie Walker GOT White Walker Limited edition


Johnnie Walker GOT white walker 100cl x 41,7%

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Johnnie Walker Game of Thrones White wlaker.
Embarking on a journey beyond the Wall, Johnnie Walker Game of Thrones White Label whisky unveils a mesmerizing blend inspired by the iconic fantasy series. This exceptional libation transports whisky enthusiasts to the vast and treacherous lands of Westeros, where noble houses vie for power and the supernatural looms at every turn.

With a bottle as white as the winter snows, Johnnie Walker Game of Thrones White Label exudes an aura of purity and intrigue. The emblematic Johnnie Walker striding man, resplendent in his armor, signifies the strength and resilience required to survive in this unforgiving realm. The sleek design, adorned with the sigils of the Great Houses, evokes a sense of anticipation for the adventure that lies ahead.

As the liquid is poured into the glass, an ethereal mist seems to rise, carrying with it the essence of the North. The nose is greeted with a delicate blend of crisp apples and fresh pears, intertwined with hints of honey and vanilla. It evokes the image of a brisk wind blowing through a wintry orchard, carrying whispers of distant battles and ancient secrets.


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