Jack Daniel’s Honey 70cl


Jack Daniel’s Apple 70cl x 35%

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Jack Daniel’s Honey is a deliciously sweet and smooth variation of the classic Tennessee whiskey, infused with natural honey flavors. This 70cl bottle is the perfect addition to any home bar, offering a unique and enjoyable twist on the traditional whiskey flavor.

Crafted with the same care and attention to detail as the original Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Honey boasts a warm and inviting taste, with a perfect balance of sweetness and smoothness. Whether you prefer to enjoy it on the rocks or in a cocktail, this whiskey is sure to impress.

The aroma of Jack Daniel’s Honey is one of rich, sweet honey with a hint of caramel and vanilla, which perfectly complements its golden amber color. Upon tasting, the honey flavors take center stage, with a smoothness that is characteristic of Tennessee whiskey. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving behind a delightful hint of honey that lingers on the palate.


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