Islay Mist 21 Year Old


Islay Mist 21 Year Old 70cl x 40%

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Islay Mist 21 Year Old is an extraordinary and mature expression of Scotch whisky that showcases the epitome of Islay’s peat-smoked charm. Aged for over two decades, this whisky exhibits a remarkable depth of flavor and complexity, making it a true delight for whisky connoisseurs.

As the liquid pours into the glass, it reveals a rich and radiant amber hue, a testament to its extended maturation. The aroma that emanates from the glass is alluring and inviting. Layers of peat smoke intertwine with notes of charred oak, brine, and coastal minerals, creating a sensory experience that transports you to the rugged shores of Islay.

Upon taking the first sip of Islay Mist 21 Year Old, the whisky unfolds its exquisite flavors on the palate. The peat smoke, while robust, is beautifully balanced, allowing other intricate notes to shine through. Complex layers of dark chocolate, dried fruits, and a subtle spiciness tantalize the taste buds, accompanied by a gentle sweetness that lingers.


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