Islay Mist 10 Year Old


Islay Mist 10 Year Old 70cl x 40%

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Islay Mist 10 Year Old is a remarkable Scotch whisky that perfectly captures the essence of the Islay region’s peaty and maritime characteristics. Crafted with expertise and care, this expression offers a harmonious balance of flavors and a memorable drinking experience.

As you pour Islay Mist 10 Year Old into the glass, its golden hue catches the light, hinting at the richness within. The aroma that rises is captivating, with a distinct smokiness that immediately evokes the rugged landscapes and peat bogs of Islay. Notes of brine, seaweed, and a hint of iodine add a maritime element, transporting you to the island’s coastal shores.

On the palate, Islay Mist 10 Year Old unveils its complexity and depth. The smoky peat takes center stage, enveloping the taste buds with its distinctive character. Waves of campfire smoke, charred oak, and hints of earthy spices intertwine, creating a bold and robust flavor profile. The whisky’s age imparts a smoothness and refinement that further enhance its allure.


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