Hvana Barrel Proof Selection de Maestro


Havana Barrel Proof selection 70cl x 45%

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Havana Barrel Proof Selection de Maestro is a special release rum from Havana Club, known for its exceptional quality and strength. This rum is part of the Barrel Proof Selection series, which showcases the expertise of Havana Club’s maestros roneros.

Havana Barrel Proof Selection de Maestro is a full-bodied and robust rum that is bottled at its natural cask strength, without dilution or additional blending. This means that it retains the intense flavors and aromas developed during the aging process.

The rum is crafted from a selection of aged rums that have been carefully matured in oak barrels, allowing them to develop deep and complex characteristics over time. The exact age of the rums used may vary, but they are typically aged for an extended period to enhance their depth and richness.


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