Buss N. 509 Elderflower


Buss 509 Elderflower  50cl x 40%

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Buss N.509 Elderflower is a captivating gin that combines the timeless elegance of elderflower with the complexity of premium botanicals. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this gin offers a unique and enchanting drinking experience.

At the heart of Buss N.509 Elderflower is the delicate and aromatic elderflower, known for its floral and subtly sweet notes. This natural ingredient is carefully blended with a selection of botanicals, including juniper, to create a harmonious fusion of flavors.

The result is a gin with a distinctive character. The floral profile of elderflower shines through, accompanied by the classic juniper backbone that defines gin. The interplay of botanicals adds layers of complexity, offering a well-balanced and nuanced taste.


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